• KOI is a PS4 game in which the player takes control over a lone koi fish on a journey to return home that combines the best of chinese and indie games.
  • Explore 8 artfully rendered levels, alternating from the bright unexplored world found above the waters to the dark, ominous deep sea located beneath the surface.
  • Gameplay revolves around exploration, solving puzzles and completing mini-games while avoiding the dangerous Black Fish and other hazards.
  • KOI is the game that asks players a simple question: Can you bring purity to a lotus pond, and in so doing, bring happiness and peace to your mind?
  • Coming to PlayStation┬«4 via the PlayStation┬«Store this Spring

In the Press

  • Destructoid:

    Makes me want to write a haiku

  • IMGA:

    Beautiful, innovative and immersive, KOI takes its player on a story that manages to be at once small in scale yet significant in meaning

  • Game Gyro:

    KOI touches people's heart with its aesthetic style, picturesque visuals and soothing music, providing them with a soul-touching experience.