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KOI Euro Release today!

Tag: News, Published On 2016-05-03

Good news for all the KOI-fans out there from Europe: After our initial release in the USA a few weeks ago, starting from today KOI is available in the PlayStation Store!

It will be on discount for 2 weeks with 20% off for all PlayStation Plus users, so be sure to don't miss out on this.

We hope that the small hero koi fish from KOI will be able to find many a new owner all over the shores of Europe. Keep an eye open for more updates on our site as well as on our Facebook.

Thank you!

Oasis Games & Dotoyou

KOI US Release April 19th!

Tag: News, Published On 2016-04-18


Hi KOI Fans!


We're super excited to announce that KOI will finally swim into the PlayStation 4 pond April 19th! We got featured Sunday on the Drop here and will see the reviews and coverage come in soon :)

Our lone KOI will start its journey in North America first, with Europe following soon afterwards (start of May). In North America KOI will feature a 20% discount off the base price of $9.99 and a 40% discount for PlayStation®Plus members in the first week (19th to 26th). KOI will come in a bundle which includes the game + a free KOI Theme for your PlayStation.

Come back soon for more info!