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Tag: Game, Publish to 2016-02-08

From today onwards, our KOI website is alive and…swimming!

We'll post loads of stuff here about or related to our first Playstation 4 title: KOI

So what kind of stuff can you expect from us? Let's see:

-Participating in this year's GDC with KOI! More about that later

-KOI is not only a unique game, it's fair to say that it also has a unique background, being

one of the first succesful indie games developed in the city of Tianjin, China! We'll be shar-

ing some cool info about Dotoyou, some questions we posed to them about Koi and

being an indie Developer in China, and more.

-The protection of our world, of our environment is something that concerns everybody,

but not a topic often touched upon in gaming. KOI however touches on this subject

throughout your journey.

-Did you like the first track we put on the Music Page, as well as our teaser's score and want

to know more? We'll get to that, too.

So, lots of promises, but don't we have anything right now? Sure we do, some footage

of good ol’… Old Toad, making sure you won't get lost:



"Ribbit", as he would put it.


Hope to see you soon again!



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